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Formative Assessment

These materials have been designed to aid teacher assessment, and give guidance .on assessment for learning principles. They offer help in identifying pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, and in providing informative feedback. Each activity includes an assessment for learning grid, describing key indicators of levelled performance and guidance about progression. ...... more

SPACE Project

The National Curriculum sets out in some detail the programmes of study which are children's minimum entitlement in science. Systematic information about children's understanding of the science which is prescribed in the National Curriculum is a prime research target. Of particular interest is conceptual progression and effective strategies to ...... more

NFER Nelson

Two sets of modules were developed in response to teachers' expressed need for a means of checking children's understanding of the science taught at any point in the primary or lower secondary education. The early years set of five modules spans levels 1-3 of the national curriculum in England and Wales ...... more

Nuffield Primary Science

Attention to issues of classroom manageability of the SPACE research approach ensured the relevance of the research to the development of curriculum materials. Curriculum support materials for teachers of KS1 and KS2 (5-11 years) pupils were published separately by Collins Educational as the Nuffield Primary Science materials (1995). ...... more

Optional Assessment Materials

These reports are an outcome of collaborative classroom-based research into children's ideas in science. The original research, which commenced in 1986, was funded by the Nuffield foundation and was carried out by teams based at CRIPSAT and King's College, London. ...... more

Action Magazine Evaluation

This publication will be of interest to those involved with education in developing countries as well as curriculum developers, health and environmental educators and school system administrators ...... more

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