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Popular Publishing for Environmental and Health Education: Evaluation of Action Magazine (ISBN 0-85323-029-3)

This report describes an evaluation of educational materials in a 'popular publishing' format conducted with pupils in Southern Africa. The materials were developed by the 'Action Magazine' team based in Harare, Zimbabwe - a small team of experts in desk top publishing and artwork production. The magazines were designed to be cheaply produced using commercial newsprint presses and distributed directly to some of the most disadvantaged schools in the region. Teachers' pages were also produced as part of the package. The general area of concern of Action Magazine is Environmental and Health Education - including such crucial topics as AIDS education.

The evaluation used survey methods, questionnaires and individual interviews, to ascertain the uses made of this resource by schools, teachers and pupils. Children's understanding of text and comic-strip conventions are reported systematically.

This publication will be of interest to those involved with education in developing countries as well as curriculum developers, health and environmental educators and school system administrators.

Action Magazine is a registered NGO which uses graphics, puzzles, cartoons, competitions etc. to introduce readers to environmental and health issues. Action cooperates with curriculum staff from ministries of education and schools. Free copies are sent to all primary and secondary schools, teacher training colleges in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana and periodically to Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Key editions such as the AIDS issue have been translated into several local languages. Action Magazine can be contacted at www.action.co.zw

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