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Optional Assessment Materials

In 1998 CRIPSAT was contracted to produce Optional Assessment Materials to support teachers of Key Stages 1, 2 and 3 in Wales. 210 teachers in Wales in Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 contributed to the development of these materials which are available in English and Welsh. The materials aim to help teachers make judgements about children's ...... more

NFER Nelson

Two sets of modules were developed in response to teachers' expressed need for a means of checking children's understanding of the science taught at any point in the primary or lower secondary education. The early years set of five modules spans levels 1-3 of the national curriculum in England and Wales ...... more

SPACE Project

The National Curriculum sets out in some detail the programmes of study which are children's minimum entitlement in science. Systematic information about children's understanding of the science which is prescribed in the National Curriculum is a prime research target. Of particular interest is conceptual progression and effective strategies to ...... more

Forces Research

In early 1998 CRIPSAT published the report of its latest research into children's understanding within the topic of 'Forces'. This report builds on research carried out earlier within the SPACE project. It details the developing understanding of children (5-14 years) in the forces domain. It also provides an account of teaching strategies developed within the research. ...... more

Gravity Research

In 1998 - 1999 CRIPSAT in collaboration with a group of teachers and pupils in KS1 and KS2 examined teaching and learning of gravity. The report presents formative assessment probes and offers insight into effective classroom practices. ...... more

Museum Evaluation

CRIPSAT in collaboration with the Education Officers of Jodrell Bank Science Centre and Ship Shape at the Liverpool Maritime Museum developed support materials for teachers and pupils so that visiting pupils may gain maximum benefit from the Centres' interactive exhibits. ...... more

International Consultancy

Action, CASSME, Handspring, Slovenia, Nigeria, Campfire. The British council has contracted CRIPSAT to study the educational impact of the PCOSP programme (1996-2001). The study will examine the impact of PCOSP nationally on schools, teachers and pupils ...... more

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