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What is National Test Development?

CRIPSAT is one of three agencies contracted to develop national tests for England for 2003-2006. CRIPSATıs role is to develop assessment of scientific enquiry in the national tests at the end of Key Stage 2 (age 11 years) and Key stage 3 (age 14 years). This exciting new project is one that the Research team at CRIPSAT are approaching with enthusiasm.

Aims of the Test Development project

The project provides the team with an opportunity to explore the ways in which the different aspects of the scientific enquiry strand of the national curriculum in England might be assessed across different age groups. A key part of the project is an examination of the development in children's scientific enquiry skills within key stages 2 and 3.

What is National Task Development?

A team at CRIPSAT is contracted to develop optional task materials for pupils at the lower extremes of the achievement range at Key Stage 2 (2003-2006) and Key Stage 3 (2003-2005). These materials maybe used to support teachers' assessment of those pupils at the lower extreme of the achievement range. These pupils tend not to be assessed in the main test papers at the end of Key Stage 2 and key Stage 3.

Aims of the Task Development Project

The project aims to develop optional assessment materials which could be used to support teachers' assessment of those children at the lower extreme of the achievement range. It is intended that pupils should find these materials engaging and accessible. It is also important that teachers should find them easy to administer and mark. The materials will assess knowledge and understanding as well as some aspects of scientific enquiry. A rolling programme of task development over the length of the contract will result in sets of assessment materials that will form a reusable resource for teachers.

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