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EssayBot Review

We approached essay bot believing that it is a writing firm. But, it is not. It's precisely what the name states -- a bot. This bot does not write papers for you. It's an AI tool that helps you as you're writing your papers. Consequently, if your aim was to find someone to replace you in completing a mission, Essay bot is not what you're looking for.

Nevertheless, if the application is helpful, it may come really handy. That is why we proceeded with this Essaybot review despite the major lap of conclusion -- that is not an academic service supplier.

List of Services

These are not solutions per se. There are not actual people offering to perform a service, so we wouldn't really define the job of the tool for a service.

Nevertheless they have some enticing offers which you can pay to use. According to the website, Essaybot has access to a huge database that has countless credible sources. You can use it to search for your essays and think of reliable data to use.

If you type in the application, you will get writing hints for word usage and finishing your sentences. The tool can also be said to possess a sensitive plagiarism checker which will tell you when you're plagiarizing articles by accident. Then, you can use it to create APA and MLA testimonials and check your grammar.

This list is not in any way related to academic services since it is not really work done by actual men and women. Should you pay for a membership here, you will still write your papers, but by using an artificial intelligence tool to discover mistakes, etc..

Pricing, Discounts, and Payment Policy

You may just use the services we mentioned previously if you register and become a part. We thought this is going to be a really inexpensive option seeing how they aren't really doing any work and you'll be using an actual automatic instrument. However, that is not the case.

It is possible to discover lots of such tools on the internet that require no payment whatsoever and are free to use. Others cost only a few bucks. In contrast, Essaybot costs $9.95 monthly and their annual fee to utilize this tool is $59.40.

With real businesses which sell newspapers, there are reductions. However, there isn't such an option here. You can not really get a loyalty discount from a web site that has monthly and yearly membership with unlimited use of the tool.

Quality Evaluation

We've read many Essaybot reviews to find out whether it's worth paying the price simply to use an automatic instrument. The majority of the students who've used this tool aren't fully satisfied with the results. In our experience, the tool of Essaybot doesn't detect all of the errors, only the most obvious ones. You can literally find them in your Word file with the easy spell checker.

Moreover, concerning plagiarism, the tool is fairly restricted. It didn't discover anything, while the most advanced plagiarism checkers pointed out into some copied content we used in our essay. Thus, this function is also not fully legal.

Finally, there's what they promote the most -- their suggestions while you're writing. We have discovered that these aren't exactly suggestions. They're automatic words which come when you write the text, something similar to the Google's search. The majority of them would not make sense in our essay and weren't really compatible with this subject.


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