Funders and project management

The eLearning Place project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and has match funding from the following sources:

The project is managed by The eLearning Place Steering Group which draws its membership from the following project partners : the University of Liverpool, Connect Internet Solutions, Knowsley Borough Council, Merseyside Colleges' Association and Telewest. The Steering Group, which meets bimonthly, is responsible for making decisions regarding policies and the overall direction of the project. There are two working groups concerned with the day-to-day project implementation. The Educational Liaison Group , which meets weekly, has a membership of the three Educational Liaison Staff, Professor Terry Russell, who is overseeing the educational and evaluation aspects of the project, and the project manager, Sarah Smith. The technical team consist of the designers, programmers and the database team who are developing the project infrastructure and course construction tool. The project manager is the common link between the three groups involved in the management and implementation of the project.

CRIPSAT, University of Liverpool, 126 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool L69 3GR - 0151 794 3270