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2. E-learning and other related links

The links below are selections. There are various newsclip services (e.g. pjb associates) dealing with new media, idTV, and e-learning. The aim was to illustrate these services rather than providing an exhaustive list of articles.
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Newsgroups / forums (e-learning, digital TV etc.)

E-government bulletin (formerly Internet Intelligence Bulletin)
It is an email service covering electronic government, teledemocracy and the information society in the UK and worldwide. The Bulletin is a free, independent publication, aimed at internet users across government, local government, the social sector and their private sector partners.

Europemedia.net is a site that tracks European internet and new media developments across the continent, both on a pan-European level and country-by-country. It covers the smaller countries and published by Van Dusseldorp & Partners, an Amsterdam-based pan-European internet research and strategy company.

Learnwire by TrainingZone
TrainingZONE is an online network of 40,000 members and for training and HR professionals. It contains various zones, the 'e-learning Zone' being most relevant.

t-learning newsclip service by pjb associates

VNU learning, 'Online Learning e-News'
Each issue of Online Learning e-News contains questions posted by its readers on various e-learning practices and processes in their organisation. Readers then post answers and these get published in the next issue.


A selection of e-learning/online learning/instructional design etc related journals. These might be useful for searching case studies.

Australian Journal of Educational Technology (AJET); Best Educational E-Practices (BEEP); British Journal of Educational Technology, Computers and Education, Education and Computing; Educational Technology; Education, Communication and Information; Journal of Computer Aided Learning, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning; Journal of Educational Media; Journal of Information Technology for Teacher, Educational Action Research, Journal of IT for Teacher Education (JITTE changing name to Technology, Pedagogy and Education from Volume 11, 2002), InteracTive (a journal for the management of ICT in schools) etc. (see also journals at )

Selected IdTV-related links

Pjb associates website provides numerous links to various idTV aspects (interactive TV and learning, personalised TV, usability issues etc.)

Understanding interactive television: academic and research resources about interactive television (online journal)

Designing for Interactive Television by Whitney Quesenbery and Todd Reichart, Cognetics Corporation

Government and digital TV

Government's digital television site

[oldish] Digital TV policy framework - consultation document
A draft new DTV policy framework for delivering e-government services was launched for consultation on 28 October 2002 for public consultation for a period of three months. The document sets out the Government's vision for DTV. DTV plays a key role the government's programme to deliver government services electronically alongside other channels such as the Internet, mobile phones and kiosks.

Statistics - surveys

Digital Television: Mori report for the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, May 2002
Digital Television: Mori report for the Department of Culture, Media, and Sport, June 2001

White papers at the DVB Technology site

Miscellaneous articles on digital TV
[in order of date of publication]

Cameron, Suzie. (2002) Which way do you lean? Guardian, April 29. www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4403275,00.html

Cassy, John (2002) 'This is the new internet', Guardian, Sep 23, 2002.
The man who sketched out the idea for freeserve on a napkin and followed it up by squeezing £301m out of Sky for another start-up is at it again - but will his magic touch work with interactive TV?

Douglas, Sarah; Figueirado, Robin & Nunn, Naomi (2002) iTV: What's On? How emerging technologies will affect the content of interactive television.

Millar, S. (2002) Rural area have-nots lose out on the net. Guardian, March 4. Retrieved May 22, 2002 from www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4366898,00.html

Green, T., Main, N. & Aitken-Smith, J. (2001) Can interactive digital television bridge the 'digital divide' [online article]?

Consumers' Association (2001)

Nolan, S [Oyster Partners] (2000) Disparate visions: interactive TV as a learning technology

Pindoria, Keval and Ping Hung, G C Wong (1996?) The parents the kids and the interactive TV!

Other projects

A collaborative EU-funded project to research and develop next-generation information management tools to enable users to locate and obtain content across the Internet and interactive television

Keep IT in the family
"Keep IT In The Family" has been developed by The Sheffield College working with Telewest Broadband, and Futurate, a web-development company.
The aims of "Keep IT In The Family" are to demonstrate the use of Digital Interactive TV for online learning and to encourage viewers to test and improve their IT skills.

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