The eLearning Place (TeLP)

The eLearning Place is the name of a VLE (virtual learning environment) produced as part of a EU-funded project with the same name.

To learn more about the project, go to What is TeLP ?

Partners lists the participating funding organisations of TeLP.

The eLearning Place runs across multi-platforms: PC to PC, PC tointeractive digital TV (idTV) and idTV to idTV. For instance, a learners on a computer can chat and message to another learner who is viewing interactive digital TV. Go to Technology to see how it works. You can also look at idTV screen shots of TeLP courses .

If you would like to develop e-learning for your organisation and have little or no experience, TeLP might be of interest to you. The Prospective Learning Providers pages outline what you need to know about participating, what it entails, what you receive in terms of support and who you can contact. We are recruiting for Phase 2 of the project (TeLP2). Please note that in this phase only Merseyside-based organisations may apply (the project is funded by ERDF Objective One).

Current Learning Providers provide some information for those Learning Providers who are developing courses for TeLP.

Check out Courses and learners if you want to know what type of course is available on TeLP or what you need to know to register on TeLP.

TeLP1 - Phase 1
TeLP1 includes project details, descriptions of courses developed for TeLP, outcomes of the pilot project and some initial learner feedback.

TeLP2 - Phase 2
Phase 2 started in March 2003 and is running until November 2004.
Contact details of project members.
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