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CRIPSAT aims to maintain a position at the leading edge of understanding and involvement in issues of science and technology education in the 5-14 age range. Research activity is the means through which such an aim can be realised and all the centre's other activities.

The Centre is frequently called upon to conduct evaluations of other organisations' products and programmes. Sometimes this evaluation is formative, generating feedback which contributes to the final form of any given programme's output; less often, the evaluation is required to be summative

Contributions to the development of school curricula grew out of in-house research. Outcomes from the evaluation of the implementation of National Curriculum Science Key Stages 1-3 (Volumes 1, 2 and 3 pub. SCAA 1993) contributed to the review of the Science National Curriculum 1993.

Professional Development

Recent and current inputs to the professional development of teachers of science include INSET courses for primary school teachers

The assessment of primary children's performance in science, contributed significantly to the work of the Centre

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